About This Blog

The Spastic Diplege: cerebral palsy in canvas shoes functions a lot like a digital journal; a journal of my experiences living with this disability. Many of the entries will be random musings, or perhaps analytical discussion of disability in the media and popular culture, or even instances of very real discrimination. My hope through sharing all of this is to primarily raise awareness, while hopefully sparking a discussion or two.

I was born a “premie baby” at 27 weeks, and was afterwards diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. I use crutches as mobility aides. I’ve spent a whole lot of time in the medical system, entertained the pursuit of an MD, and now I’m back to what I’ve always been passionate about: writing, which is surely one of my greatest gifts. It’s allowed me to express myself without fear, and helps me makes sense of pretty much everything life throws my way. Detailing what it’s like to live with cerebral palsy is one of the only things I feel I can write about with an honest authority.