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Take Up The Space

The other day I was on Twitter and wrote a quote tweet that got quite a bit of unexpected attention. It didn’t go viral or anything but it get more attention than my other tweets. You’re probably thinking ok, who cares? Here’s why it matters. At least to me. The quote tweet was in response… Continue reading Take Up The Space

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I Don’t Have To Prove It

This particular anecdote has been swirling around in the back of my head. It's hard for me to discuss because it's a bit painful but I think I should, if only because it's important especially since it occurred at the age where I was reconciling with being disabled and figuring out how it'd fit into… Continue reading I Don’t Have To Prove It

Back in Time

You Are Enough

The younger version of me has been referenced quite a bit on this blog and I thought I'd revisit that now. So I came across a tweet on Twitter where a disabled user asked other disabled people if they could tell one thing to their younger self, what would it be? So many possibilities but… Continue reading You Are Enough

Back in Time, Dreams, Fears, Hopes

Owning My Story: Past, Present, and Future

I've said before that I've been a product of the medical system my entire life. My circumstances required serious medical intervention since the very beginning. Nowadays, I'm what providers may call "otherwise healthy," if looking beyond the scope of my disability. In other words, the presence of the medical system in my current daily life… Continue reading Owning My Story: Past, Present, and Future