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Take Up The Space

The other day I was on Twitter and wrote a quote tweet that got quite a bit of unexpected attention. It didn’t go viral or anything but it get more attention than my other tweets. You’re probably thinking ok, who cares? Here’s why it matters. At least to me. The quote tweet was in response… Continue reading Take Up The Space

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A Special Feature

Hi. Been a while. I know, I know. Life has been hectic! If you can forgive me, I’d like to discuss something special. This post is belated, but you know what they say…. better late than never. Without further ado, here’s the announcement: this blog is featured in the textbook Getting Real About Inequality: Intersectionality… Continue reading A Special Feature

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Well, here I am. It’s been two years since my SDR surgery. Yes, it’s unbelievable. Though, time tends to do that. Move forward. It’s been a tough couple years in terms of all the recovering, physical therapy and personal training. Like I’ve said, SDR recovery takes work. Discipline. Even so, I don’t… Continue reading Two

Daily Life

Shovel That Snow, Please

This past weekend, we got a lot of snow here in New York City. I always like looking at the snow from my bedroom. Especially when it’s nice and clean, undisturbed from city life. It’s pretty. Wished it snowed last month in time for Christmas. Another topic. What I really want to talk about is… Continue reading Shovel That Snow, Please

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Gym –– Better Than Tv

I remembered a little story about personal training that I want to share with everyone. It was the end of a session with T. As always, we finished up in the stretching area, stretching my hamstrings and quads. I noticed another woman staring. I’m no stranger to others staring at me, my gait, my crutches...whatever.… Continue reading Gym –– Better Than Tv

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Exercise and Endorphins

Remember how I said I wanted to go to the gym more often in 2022? Well just this past week, I went twice! I’m pretty proud of that. I even went in freezing temperatures. You’re probably thinking big deal, right? It’s a big deal for me. Especially in this atrocious winter weather. Thought I’d give… Continue reading Exercise and Endorphins


Greatest Expectations

I’ve talked a bit on here about positivity and how constant positivity and smiling faces are a lie. That’s still all true. I can’t be positive one hundred percent of the time. It’s unfair to be asked that society asks such a thing. Plus, constant positivity is not truthful. It’s not real. I’ve had plenty… Continue reading Greatest Expectations