Law School Journey

Taking A Break

Honestly, I’m in disbelief that I was able to write a post and publish it while in the trenches of my first year of law school. About ten minutes ago, I was in the middle of studying for a quiz in Criminal Law when I talked myself into taking a break. The material started blurring… Continue reading Taking A Break

Law School Journey

Just The First Step, Not the Whole Staircase

Hi again. Anyone out there? It's been a while. I've started so many posts with that line that at this point it sounds a little gimmicky. I promise it's not. I simply like to acknowledge when I've disappeared for a while, through no fault of my own. I'll admit, normally not writing puts me in… Continue reading Just The First Step, Not the Whole Staircase

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A Turn of Events

I recently made a post public on social media in response to the disgusting and infuriating Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade. I wasn’t going to say anything for a very long time but after that news, I just had to. It’s incredible what can drive us when it feels like the world and… Continue reading A Turn of Events