Here we are. What’s today, you might be wondering. Valentine's Day, of course.... and... come on, people! You should know better, especially if you’ve been following this blog for a while. Drum roll, please… It’s been three whole years since my SDR surgery. Can you believe it? I can’t. These past few years flew by… Continue reading Three



A box of chocolates. A cute stuffed teddy bear, monkey or elephant. Proclamations of love and sweet poems. Sappy cards or a lovely bouquet of red roses. That's what some of us might expect to get on Valentine's Day, am I right? That is, if you subscribe to the whole idea. If you don't, that's… Continue reading One

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Onboard the Home Exercise Struggle Bus

Source: Stock Photo from DepositPhotos So I've been trying really hard to keep up with my exercise regimen at home, especially now that I'm reducing the number of formal physical therapy sessions during the week. My regimen includes stretching and strengthening exercises like straight leg raises and bridges, among others. I've tried to do these… Continue reading Onboard the Home Exercise Struggle Bus


Returning to St. Louis

Just recently I returned to St. Louis, Missouri for a physical therapy evaluation and follow up with my neurosurgeon, seven months after SDR. I felt much more relaxed during this trip than I had the previous trip back in February, because well, I wasn't getting cut open this time around. Still, just because I was… Continue reading Returning to St. Louis


My Cane-Do Attitude

March 2020 When I was told last August that my candidacy for SDR had been accepted and one predicted outcome was walking with a single point cane indoors, I was thrilled. I'd never been able to walk with a cane. The possibility was so exciting to me. But we know this by now. Back in… Continue reading My Cane-Do Attitude


Brotherly Love

I went for a walk with my brother outside the other day. I'm still using the walker for outside environments–some days it seems I make more progress than other days, which is perfectly fine. Hopefully soon I can get to using my Loftstrand crutches again for the outside environments. Oddly it can sometimes feel like… Continue reading Brotherly Love

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Three Letters to Begin My New Life

I knew there were several different ways I could start this post: that yes, I was having another surgery; that surgery was the reason I was putting other life stuff on hold, like applying for jobs or masters programs. I knew I had to put my health and quality of life first, and that jobs… Continue reading Three Letters to Begin My New Life