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How Far

Bigger picture from 2012 with a golden glow labeled "after" is me standing tall on a staircase and smiling. A superimposed photo in black and white, labeled "before" from 2011 is of me standing on a street corner, smiling, using my forearm crutches and my left leg is crooked inward. My logo is in white… Continue reading How Far



A box of chocolates. A cute stuffed teddy bear, monkey or elephant. Proclamations of love and sweet poems. Sappy cards or a lovely bouquet of red roses. That's what some of us might expect to get on Valentine's Day, am I right? That is, if you subscribe to the whole idea. If you don't, that's… Continue reading One


Brotherly Love

I went for a walk with my brother outside the other day. I'm still using the walker for outside environments–some days it seems I make more progress than other days, which is perfectly fine. Hopefully soon I can get to using my Loftstrand crutches again for the outside environments. Oddly it can sometimes feel like… Continue reading Brotherly Love

Daily Life

My Personal Lifeguard, My Fish in the Sea

I've just returned from vacation somewhere sunny with my boyfriend; my love. We spent lots of time by the beach and pool. It was plenty relaxing, which is exactly what we wanted this time around. I personally prefer the beach over the pool, but if I decide to actually go in the water, I opt… Continue reading My Personal Lifeguard, My Fish in the Sea