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Gym –– Better Than Tv

I remembered a little story about personal training that I want to share with everyone. It was the end of a session with T. As always, we finished up in the stretching area, stretching my hamstrings and quads. I noticed another woman staring. I’m no stranger to others staring at me, my gait, my crutches...whatever.… Continue reading Gym –– Better Than Tv

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A Hike Up Diamond Head

Me at the summit of Diamond Head Crater in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. I'm smiling with my forearm crutches against a beautiful backdrop of the ocean, beach, and tall buildings. My logo is in white in the bottom left corner. I just got back from an awesome vacation in Hawaii. Before arriving, I'd made the decision… Continue reading A Hike Up Diamond Head


Kindness: A Rarity

Yellow cleaning sign with the words "cleaning in progress" with a red symbol of a mop and cleaning cart. Source: Wet Stock photos by Vecteezy Remember me? I sure hope so! My bad for taking so long to write a new blog post. Things got hectic out of nowhere. Still here, though! Yesterday, I went… Continue reading Kindness: A Rarity

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I Don’t Have To Prove It

This particular anecdote has been swirling around in the back of my head. It's hard for me to discuss because it's a bit painful but I think I should, if only because it's important especially since it occurred at the age where I was reconciling with being disabled and figuring out how it'd fit into… Continue reading I Don’t Have To Prove It

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Thou Shalt Not Fly? Or Walk, Rather

Whenever I travel it's a generally positive experience, save for a bit of anxiety I experience about flying. Although, I'm happy to say that over the summer I conquered flying a big trip solo for the very first time. I had managed to get to the West Coast without much incident or hassle. I'm all… Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Fly? Or Walk, Rather


My First Time at Disneyland

I went on vacation to California and Hawaii this past summer. It was my first time flying solo across the country. Despite some anxiety about flying, the trip was incredible. I stayed in San Diego my first leg of the trip, with some family friends. One of the days, we drove out to Anaheim to… Continue reading My First Time at Disneyland