Greatest Expectations

I’ve talked a bit on here about positivity and how constant positivity and smiling faces are a lie. That’s still all true. I can’t be positive one hundred percent of the time. It’s unfair to be asked that society asks such a thing. Plus, constant positivity is not truthful. It’s not real. I’ve had plenty… Continue reading Greatest Expectations


Letting Go of CP For Just One Day

I'd like to attempt to talk about something that's been kind of hard for me to articulate and discuss. There's no way to go around it other than by being as honest as possible, so here goes. In the past, I've admitted if there were some cosmic loophole or possibility to not have CP, even… Continue reading Letting Go of CP For Just One Day

Controversy, Daily Life

Thou Shalt Not Fly? Or Walk, Rather

Whenever I travel it's a generally positive experience, save for a bit of anxiety I experience about flying. Although, I'm happy to say that over the summer I conquered flying a big trip solo for the very first time. I had managed to get to the West Coast without much incident or hassle. I'm all… Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Fly? Or Walk, Rather