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Betting On Better Futures

In the process of trying to explain to others what my recovery's been like, I've been thinking a lot about sacrifice and the potential for reward. For example, deciding to have surgery was definitely a huge, impactful decision for me to make. I had a feeling SDR was going to change not only the way… Continue reading Betting On Better Futures

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Being Physically Disabled During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has now invaded pretty much all aspects of our daily lives. It's on everybody's mind, on all TV sets turned to the news channel. Society is afraid and the media breeds on fear. I'm willing to bet that disabled folks out there are afraid, too. Disabled lives are just as valuable as… Continue reading Being Physically Disabled During a Pandemic

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When You’re Finally Free

As it is now March and officially Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, I thought I'd write another post discussing it and how my feelings have changed from last year's CP Awareness Month post. There, I discussed feelings of self-love and that message is more or less the same. I am still in a place where I… Continue reading When You’re Finally Free

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Three Letters to Begin My New Life

I knew there were several different ways I could start this post: that yes, I was having another surgery; that surgery was the reason I was putting other life stuff on hold, like applying for jobs or masters programs. I knew I had to put my health and quality of life first, and that jobs… Continue reading Three Letters to Begin My New Life

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Owning My Story: Past, Present, and Future

I've said before that I've been a product of the medical system my entire life. My circumstances required serious medical intervention since the very beginning. Nowadays, I'm what providers may call "otherwise healthy," if looking beyond the scope of my disability. In other words, the presence of the medical system in my current daily life… Continue reading Owning My Story: Past, Present, and Future