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Resolutions and Truths

Myself, standing with my back to the camera. I am overlooking a beautiful view at the end of a hike in Honolulu, Hawaii. The view includes a beautiful blue ocean and a rocky shoreline.

My bad, I haven’t posted since last year….

Ok. That’s the first and only time I’ll make that kind of joke. Seriously, though… Happy New Year! Is it still acceptable to say that?

It’s unbelievable that it’s mid January already. Such a weird and strange time as we head into what is unfortunately another year of this pandemic craziness. I’m currently sitting here and having trouble focusing on dealing with everything, like trying to get my life together. No big deal.

In that spirit and since it is indeed mid-January and my first blog post of 2022, I thought I’d talk about New Years Resolutions. Just feels like an appropriate time to reflect and make new goals. And I actually can’t believe I’m going to say this but one of my goals is to really step it up in personal training. Is it just me or does almost everyone make a New Year’s resolution about the gym? Work out more. Or the classic new year, new me. You do you, but….cringe.

I don’t want to be one of those people that makes a resolution to do personal training more often and only keeps it for three days or something. I did make more frequent training appointments and I’m hoping that will help hold me accountable. I don’t want to slack off on the progress I’ve made while making more of an effort.

The only obstacle I can foresee is the weather. In an earlier post, I mentioned that because of my CP, walking outside in the cold is a lot more difficult than walking in warm weather. Spasticity, stiffness, aches. You name it, happens in the cold. Especially in temperatures like those of today in New York City. This cold would make it way more difficult to get to the gym, which is almost a mile away from my house. There’s no way I’d be able to walk in it, nor do I want to! The other option would be to take a cab to the gym. But I also don’t feel like dropping money every time I want to go. See my dilemma? For now, I’m just going to hope for the best and that nice, slightly warmer weather falls on my gym days.

Though, I haven’t discussed another option, which is to try and keep up exercising at home in the meantime or if it gets too cold. Am I the only person who when confronted with the choice of exercising at home and doing literally anything else, I pick the latter? Sigh. Why am I like this? It’s so frustrating. Especially for me, whose disability makes exercising/stretching imperative? And especially after SDR? I’m almost two years since SDR, but still. Exercising is beneficial all around….but see? When I say these things I honestly feel like such a fraud. I don’t know why it’s difficult for me to keep up with exercising at home and why I don’t prioritize it enough. What are some of your secrets with staying motivated to exercise at home? Teach me your ways…. let me know in the comments!

Yes, a big part of this is SDR and the commitment involved but it’s also a commitment to myself in general. I think about my goals not just now, in January, but all the time. I’m always thinking of ways to improve and be better….a better writer, better friend, better person. This is the year things will turn around for me. Seriously.

You know how I said I’m trying to get my life together? It’s really true. Do I have great things on the horizon? I know the answer. For now it’s staying with me. Guess you could say I’m superstitious that way. I don’t like to let people know what’s going on usually until after it’s happened. Maybe I don’t want to jinx it. Maybe I’m becoming more of a private person as I’m getting older…she says, as she writes on her public blog. You know what? I only publish entries I want the public to see. Let’s put it that way.

Which brings me to my next New Year’s Resolution: write more on this blog. I want to see if I can write one blog post a week, just to start. Writing has always brought me so much joy and has never left me despite all the ups and downs of life. I owe it to writing –– actually, no. I owe it to myself to write more on this blog. Why? Because it’s fun. It makes me happy. And a better writer, to boot! So, who’s going to help me be more accountable on writing and posting one blog entry a week? Is it going to be you? Or YOU? I’m actually not kidding. Send good vibes through the Internet, please! Another question, how do you keep yourself on track to completing your goals? Let me know. No need to be shy!

Finally, my last resolution: read more. Like, a lot more. I read. Not enough. At least not enough for me. As we all know, reading obviously makes you a better writer. I don’t need to say that twice. I have so many books I have to get to. And for that matter, I never feel like I have enough books. Well, you can never have enough books… that’s the honest truth! Side note: buy a bookshelf.